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How to protect immigration status during divorce

As we all know, divorce is a pretty stressful life event for just about anyone. However, it can become a downright harrowing experience when one spouse is a U.S. resident and the other is not. One of the stipulations for an immigrant spouse to become a legal U.S. resident is that permanent residency will not be available until the second marriage anniversary. By U.S. standards, this mark proves that the marriage was entered into in good faith rather than for the sole purpose of attaining residency.

Immigration and custody mediation

Divorce is a particularly precarious situation for any immigrant who is seeking permanent resident status. Most immigrants who enter the country based on marriage are considered conditional residents. They are granted a two year period of lawful residency, and must meet certain conditions prior to becoming a legal resident. A divorce within that two year time period immediately raises some red flags with authorities who become tasked with determining whether the marriage was used for immoral immigration, or whether the union was legitimate.

How to cope with the emotional stress of divorce

If we are being honest, divorce can be one of the most stressful events a person can ever go through. It can affect your physical health as well as mental. Sometimes symptoms such as anxiety or depression seem to take over. However, there are ways to cope with it in a healthy way, and find your way back to yourself in no time. Here, we discuss some of the ways to ease the burden.

What it takes to have a successful mediation

Perhaps the biggest hang up residents of the Denver area may have about divorce mediation, or any other family law mediation, is that they feel that their position on the issues is so different from that of the other side. Thus, they get the impression that any attempt to agree would be a waste of time.

What are some benefits to divorce mediation in Colorado?

When a couple in Colorado are so at odds with each other that they have decided to end their marriage, the idea that they could mediate their divorce legal issues may seem laughable. However, there are many positive aspects to divorce mediation that could make it a more satisfactory option than traditional litigation.

New tax law creates divorce mediation uncertainties

Tax season is coming up, and those in Colorado who have been paying spousal support over the past year may be looking forward to deducting these payments on their 2017 taxes. However, with the advent of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act comes uncertainty in what was once a certain world. Formerly, while state laws varied regarding how much spousal support to award and how long payments will last, one thing that all states had in common was that those paying spousal support could deduct these payments on their annual income taxes, and those receiving spousal support will be taxed on those payments.

Mediators can help Colorado spouses divorce amicably

Not every couple in Colorado seeking a divorce wants to "get back" at their ex. Quite the contrary, many couples may want to try to tackle their divorce legal issues in as amicable and cooperative manner as possible, especially if they have children. Most importantly, they want to see that the end result of their divorce is fair to all involved. For these couples, divorce mediation may be an attractive option.

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