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December 2012 Archives

Kutcher files to divorce Moore, issue of prenup unclear

Celebrities and others with high net worth often make the news due to their high profiles. Divorce between such individuals can be relatively simple affairs, with both parties agreeing to amicably end the relationship; or they may be drawn-out events that continue to drive the people involved into the limelight. All people involved in a high asset divorce should strive to understand their responsibilities and options under the law, perhaps including the value of prenuptial agreements.

'Sesame Street' tackling divorce in kid-friendly way

When a couple decides to go their separate ways, there are many issues which must be dealt with. Even the most amicable divorces are stressful. If children are involved, an added layer of emotion and concern comes into play. The divorce often leaves children with a lot of questions, and sometimes even a level of guilt. Colorado parents who decide to divorce should learn how to talk to their children so they understand how the new situation will affect them.

International child custody dispute before Supreme Court

For Denver-area parents who marry someone from another country, custody battles can get tricky. The laws of various countries, sometimes in conflict, can be confusing. Even Supreme Court justices may be challenged with how to interpret child custody laws that relate to international custody cases, as one parent recently found out.

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