Fees and Retainers

Clients come to us and the first thing they want to know is "How much is this going to cost?" The answer to this question is impossible to predict. Each case is unique. As much as we would like to be able to give an answer, we cannot predict how litigious your specific case will be. The high cost of a divorce or custody proceeding is directly related to the number of motions, responses and court appearances that are required.

At Frost & Beck, PC work is billed on six-minute increments per hour.

Our hourly fees currently are:

Attorney Christelle C. Beck is $300 an hour

Attorney Leslie A. Frost is $225 an hour

Legal Assistant Taryn Thornton is $130 an hour


Frost & Beck requires a retainer. Generally our retainers are $5,000 for a contested divorce, modification of orders or a custody case. After we have met with you and have an idea of what will be involved in completing your case, we let you know what we believe will be an appropriate retainer for your specific case. A retainer gets the case started but is not an estimate of the final cost. The retainer is used to pay process servers, if needed, court filing fees and attorney fees.

Flat Fees

We cannot represent you on a flat fee basis, but we can do limited work by preparing documents only. Some of our flat fees are listed below.

$300 Divorce Preparation, which includes the Petition, Summons and Case Information sheet

$150 Response to a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage

$1,500 Non-Contested Divorce documents