Helping Parents Address Parenting Time Matters

Parenting time is set up as part of the parenting plan you file with the courts and is judged in the best interests of the children. Research has found that children do better when they have access to both parents. Therefore, the state encourages parents to work together to continue raising their children even after they have divorced or separated.

Denver Attorneys Ensuring That You Have Quality Time With Your Children

One parent may have physical custody of the children, but both parents are entitled to spend time with their kids. Depending on the age of your children, the work schedules of both parents and the amount of interest each of you has in seeing your children, we can work with you to arrange the parenting plan as to how many days a week your children spend with you and how many with the other parent. Vacations, holidays and other special occasions can also be allocated.

The courts encourage parents to work together for the welfare of their children rather than imposing an arrangement on them. We can help you negotiate a suitable arrangement with the other parent in the best interests of your children to accommodate all of you.

Factors That Can Affect Parenting Time

In cases of spousal abuse or child abuse, parenting time may be limited or require supervision by a neutral party. Evidence supporting abuse must be shown by the parent reporting it. This prevents unnecessary accusations from being flung when emotions run high. If you and your spouse are in serious conflict over custody of the children, if your spouse is being abusive or if you are being prevented from seeing your children, our attorneys can file an emergency motion for parenting time.

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