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What to know about splitting a 401(k)

When a couple divorces in Denver, there are often many different financial decisions that need to be made, including what to do with retirement accounts. With the rise of divorce among people 50 and over, these accounts are especially important to those close to retirement age. Different rules apply to different types of accounts. Here are the most important aspects to consider when dividing up a 401(k) account.

New technologies aim to make co-parenting easier

Making the transition from a nuclear family to two separate households can be difficult for some families in Colorado. In order to be successful co-parents, both people must be in constant communication regarding their kids’ activities, school obligations and doctor appointments. That is why some families are turning to apps to help them manage their co-parenting responsibilities.

A second marriage means a second divorce for many

Even after a marriage crumbles and ends in divorce, some people in Colorado feel ready to take the plunge again and marry for a second time. While some of these second marriages may result in happily ever after, many others will not. Here is a look at the some of the challenges that people who get married a second time face.

Certain financial moves may foreshadow divorce

There are usually several reasons why couples in Denver ending up getting divorced. Most marriages to do not fall apart because of one particular issue. However, knowing that a spouse intends to file for divorce is not always easy. Here are some financial signs to look out for that may indicate a person is looking to move on.

Should I consider getting back with my ex after we have divorced?

Some people who get divorced in Denver are able to remain friendly with their ex. If your relationship is on very good terms, one or both of you may find yourselves experiencing romantic feelings. This can be confusing. Certainly, there are reasons that led you to get divorced in the first place. Here are some things to think about before you decide to start a romantic relationship with your ex-spouse.

In what ways can getting a divorce affect my health?

Getting divorced in Colorado can upend your life in so many different ways. You may have a new address, a new routine and a new outlook. While some thrive after a split, some people’s health may decline without them even realizing it. Here are some of the common ways that divorce can affect your health.

How divorce can affect children of different ages

Every divorce in Colorado is different, as no two families are exactly the same. How children respond to a divorce can depend on a number of things, including their personalities and how their parents choose to handle the separation. However, age is certainly a consideration as younger children and older children may look at the situation differently.

The rate of divorce in the U.S. reaches new low

When residents of Colorado go through a divorce, they may find themselves wondering how they compare to the rest of the married couples across the country. For the last few years, the rate of divorce has actually been on the decline, and in 2015 reached its lowest level in 35 years, reports Bloomberg. Meanwhile, the number of marriages is actually on the rise after decades of decline.

How can I protect my child from being harmed by my divorce?

If you are worried about how your Denver divorce will affect your children, you are far from alone. According to Scientific American, there are 1.5 million children across the country that have to deal with their parents’ divorce every year. While the separation of a child’s parents is rarely easy for them to deal with, there are some things you can do to soften the impact of your divorce on them.

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