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Offering Compassionate Representation to Our Clients While Aggressively Protecting Their Rights and Property

At Frost & Beck, PC, we provide advocacy through our team approach. We are a family law practice, addressing the needs of the family in each important stage of life. Our team of lawyers handles Colorado family law and international family law. We guide our clients through the legal process, being responsive to their needs and concerns while vigorously protecting their rights and property.

Providing Advocacy in Family Law Matters

Our attorneys are highly competent in litigating or being able to settle cases regarding divorce, high net worth divorce, child custody and child support, relocation with children, grandparent rights, noncontested divorce, and common-law marriage cases, among other family law issues. Our philosophy is to attempt settlement, especially when children are involved, if there is no history of abuse. However, if a conciliatory approach in family law issues does not work and the case calls for aggressive representation, we are there to fight for our client's rights.

Providing Advocacy and Consultation for International Family Law

We represent clients regarding issues related to international family law and act as consultants when other attorneys need advice and counsel on how to deal with all aspects of international family law matters as well as international child abduction, recognition of foreign marriages and recognition of foreign divorces and international support, international service of process, and support for the financially abandoned family. We understand the finer points of dealing with the treaties involved in international cases versus the statutes we are held to in domestic cases.

Our attorneys are highly accomplished in international family law. Both partners have master's degrees in diplomatic studies and have worked abroad. Ms. Beck is an adjunct professor in international law at the University of Denver. Ms. Beck and Ms. Frost each possess the skill and comprehension required to interpret international treaties, Colorado domestic relations law and the laws of foreign nations. We work tenaciously to bring a successful resolution to your case.

From our offices in Denver and Boulder, our attorneys advise and represent clients in communities throughout the area. Call us toll free at 866-604-2791 or contact us by email to arrange a consultation with one of our lawyers today.